“When I first considered the possibility of having Amanda help me out with my wardrobe, I had no idea what to expect and was at a loss on how to maximize my wardrobe. When Amanda first came to my house and began to unpack my closet, I felt a bit self-conscious. Shouldn’t someone my age already know how to do this sort of thing? It wasn’t long, however, until I was feeling much more at ease and adventuresome as she helped me weed out what was really not working and mix things that could work even better. When she went shopping for me, she had a sense of what was needed to really expand what I already had and take everything up a notch as well as what new ideas I might be open to. Simply Stand Out was the perfect way to shop because Amanda did the shopping, made lots of great choices, and then helped me choose the best pieces to accent, compliment, and maximize my wardrobe. It was a fun gift I gave myself and now I even feel a bit more likely to try things based on what she taught me because Amanda boosted my confidence. Simply Stand Out is a very special experience and one I would recommend to anyone!”
-Pam (Akron, OH)